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Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge

  • Location Washington, D.C.
  • Type: Curved steel girders & V-shaped concrete piers
  • Services: Concept development for national competition submission, aesthetic design
  • Cost: $600 Million

  • Completion: 2008
  • Client: Maryland State Highway Department
  • Project Notes

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    The new Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge carries Interstate 95 and the Capital Beltway 1.1 miles (1.8km) across the Potomac River. The bridge connects Alexandria, Virginia, with Prince George's County, Maryland, and is considered part of Washington's national monuments core. Chosen in a national competition, the movable bridge design incorporates 18 sets of v-shaped piers that resemble seagulls in flight, giving the twin spans a light and open appearance. The piers form an arcade that recalls traditional Washington bridges with a more contemporary detailing. The v-piers support haunched steel box girders that balance loads so that the piers are subjected to minimal dead load bending moments and the foundations are not subjected to any horizontal arch thrust. The bascule movable portion of the bridge has been integrated into the overall bridge providing a seamless appearance along the river.

    Firms involved in the completion of this project include:

    Architect: Rosales + Partners
    Engineers: Parsons Transportation Group, Inc.
    Hardesty & Hanover, LLP (engineering of bascule span)
    Finley McNary Engineers (engineering of v-piers)

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